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Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Don't despair; a longer article on stuffed toys to puppets is coming. Here's the outline.
1) Remove and replace some of the stuffing. Confine same.
Free up the joints; sew across them in two parallel lines of stitches. Darts will help sometimes.
Costume figures; check doll accesories at craft chain stores.
2)Manipulation choices.
A.Direct contact; add handle to back either head or shoulders. Add short rods at elbows and heels.
Consider using a stand.
B.Handpuppet; Create necktube or use antique rod head method. Split back and add fabric if too tight. Add costuming; retain legs for length. Add hand tube to hid wrist
C. Rod puppet. Retain sitability by inserting rod through small of back; not lower. Arms may be short, consider controling at elbow.
D. Rod Marionette "Czech" style. Loosen joints, then selectively restrict. Continous arm strings. Leg strings only if walking is relevant.
Full piece real soon now.

posted by will 5:08 PM

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