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Saturday, June 01, 2002


Technote: PuppetConversion

HandPuppets on the TableTop

June 1, 2000

The quickest way I've found to use Handpuppets as Tabletop Figures is to mount them on cones made from long narrow funnels purchased at the carparts store. Usually less than $2.00, these can be easily shortened to fit inside large hand puppets. They make quite convenient displays stands. If the puppet's neck tube is narrow, it may be necessary to run a dowel or broomstick scrap the full length of the funnel . A spring might be mounted on such a dowel which would allow the head to be tipped forward. Wrap tape around at the right point to jam this "stick" into the funnel. To make the base heavier, screw a block of wood into the wide end of the funnel. If the figure is to be slid from behind, make a grip by wrapping tape around a long screw run partway into the block.

For a head control grip, fasten a large button to the back of the puppet's head hidden in the hair. The easiest arm rods are short stays salvaged from an old umbrella. Sew them onto the back of the hand just above the wrist. To make the rods removable, sew a very small fishing line clip or swivel in the right spot.

Converting various stuffed toys into puppets is the subject for another TechNote.

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