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Saturday, April 13, 2002


posted by will 6:23 PM

TECH NOTES:Sealing Styrofoam


13 April 2002

Lightweight latex spackle, something akin to "Model Magic" is the best way to quickly seal and surface styrofoam objects before painting or papier mache.
1) Stick something like a bamboo skewer into the foam for a handle.
2)Put on disposable poly gloves or just use a clean plastic grocery bag.
3)Scoop up some spackle and smear it onto and into the foam ball, egg, cone, etc.
4)Smooth until there's a thin coat (If you're going to cover with mache or cloth it doesn't need to be super smooth.) A foam brush dampened just a little may help.
5) Speed up drying using a hair dryer or an old hot-air corn-popper. Keep the object moving
When it's dry to the touch you can prime with latex paint (thinly) and then let dry several hours

add a first layer of papier mache (not too wet)
**Keep the top on tight, put the container in a plastic bag, and store in a cool place. Add a few drops of water from time to time. This stuff's not cheap, but it can go a long way. "Model Magic adheres to it very well, and of course, finishing with SculptOrCoat will produce really durable and lightweight creations.

Prof. Will

posted by will 6:02 PM

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